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Consultancy centred around the client’s interest and specific needs.

Pandemic has disrupted many aspects related to health care in an unprecedented manner. Psychiatry is one of those specialities that is closely associated with health sciences and humanity. Disruption in knowledge & awareness adversely affects health care. Psychiatry4u.com uniquely addresses the issue by providing opportunities to hundreds and thousands of clients interested in knowing about psychiatry. These consultancy services offer One-to-one online sessions involving expert psychiatrists that are focused to enhance “knowing all aspects” of psychiatry, ( the causes,the principles of identification and management of psychiatric disorders) . Psychiatry4u.com is an exciting digital platform for knowing all about psychiatry that is centred around the client’s interest and specific needs. The USP is customised consultancy services through a person-centred approach, facilitating knowing psychiatry beyond the books and online videos.

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Prof. Mohan Isaac


Dr. M Kishor


Dr. Vinay H R


Dr. Kiran Kumar K

MBBS MD (Psychiatry), FIAPP